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On this page you can read the opinions of those who have already attended our performances.


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Elena Mikhailova

How Phil's violin sang and cried, how two guitars sounded, what energy the hall was charged with. Live concert - Philip Ginzburg presented his vocal and instrumental project EXIT LIVE !!! 4 months of rehearsals and old songs sounded in a new way, the line-up of the group was renewed, new compositions charmed everyone. You have to hear it.





Dmitry Belov-Leontiev

I have been following the group for several years. The most important thing is that the team does not stand still, does not turn into Antonov, who for 20 years has been driving 20 songs in a circle like a barrel organ. But it is better to see once in order to feel the energy of the group. Success, guys!

Nadezhda Acheva

I liked the variety of the repertoire. All songs and music were live. The musicians and the singer managed to create a festive and positive atmosphere. The concert featured works by Philip Ginzburg. I liked the combination of classical music in modern processing, the sound of a rock violin. I was surprised that the music for the song performed by Grigory Leps "Blizzard" was written by Philip. In general, we had a great time and got new impressions. Thanks guys! I wish you success!

Vladimir Tsvetkov

I have never liked the violin (with the exception of Paganini). I heard F. Ginzburg's "Tarantella" performed by him and fell in love with this instrument. Since then I have been following the work of the maestro and his projects. Thank you, Philip! Be creative! Go for it!

Oksana Semenova

I am delighted!!!! As always, a lot of positive emotions from your MUSIC !!!! I am very happy that I won the tickets and again came to the meeting with your creativity !!!!

Alexey Kushnarenko

The uniqueness of the Exit Live group, in my opinion, is not only in the excellent sound (who is in the subject, knows what (or maybe what :) it is in our funny time) but in the way of promotion! What could be more modern than the Internet now? I love the sound of the band itself, I love the musicians themselves and I fucking love the way they promote them! Thank you for giving the opportunity to openly comment on publications. Honesty and openness, what could be better?

Asya Razumova

Wonderful violin playing)))) very much impressed)))) And the team is great. Beautiful songs, and most importantly, there are both sincere and funny))))

Anna Frolova

Your music cuts right through ... to your fingertips .... wonderful performance, wonderful team, your music for all time! Thank you for your creativity))

Tatiana Sagalaeva

The concert, as always, is amazing. Even more amazing. From me, too, as always, a detailed story, but there are so many thoughts that I can't even weave them together

Lydia Grabovskaya

I would like to thank you for the concert !!! We were a big company. Thank you so much for a non-standard, boring evening and a wonderful festive mood! There are so many different musical tastes and preferences in our team, but everyone here was satisfied! Creative success and we look forward to new compositions!

Sergey Alexandrov

This is unrealistically cool! Not only is the music some kind of unearthly, amazing, not only that the performance is beyond praise !!! Also the atmosphere! The charge was huge! Comedy Club is resting!


Yesterday I attended your concert with a young man. I liked it very much, my favorite songs and an amazing violin playing! Excited! Continue to create, perform, and I really want new concerts! I look forward to it and thank you so much!

Yulia Tlugacheva

Thank you for being!! You can listen to your music endlessly! I will never get tired of listening to you !!!

Larisa Gabitova

Around Phil Ginzburg and his producer Anna Ponedelkina life is always in full swing !!! It is precisely that the guys are constantly moving forward, the creativity of the group is developing so rapidly, new interesting musicians come to the team, new forms and means of expression appear !!! They know how to be interesting !! For example, I gladly invited the guys to my program !!!

Natalia Grafkina

A sea of positives, a real unrestrained thrill! Musicians, composer, vocalist with a magic voice and producer - ALL SUPER!

Irina Goleva

I love your music, thank you, you are great fellows !!! Each composition is a masterpiece! Bravo!!!

Vlad Shumkov

Phil's music is incendiary and relaxed at the same time! She gives a break from everyday life and at the same time charges with romance, a dream and calls for perfection! I have even been to Philip's birthday party, when his group was giving a concert - this is stunning optimism and beauty of sound, stage performance and the presentation of musicians to the audience! At the slightest opportunity, I will definitely come to Phil's concert, and I advise everyone else not to miss such a miracle!

Victoria Levina

Awesome guys, awesome music, great vibe !!!!!!!!! I definitely advise everyone to listen and feel. Music is the soul of a person, and it should be!

Natalia Ermolinskaya.

I would like to say that the band members are so talented (composer Phil Ginsburg is generally MEGA) that they do not need advertising. But ... you immediately remember the well-known expression that talents need to be helped and give credit to the producer of the group Anna Ginzburg ... Anya, you are super!
And I want to collect all the kindest words and wishes in one bouquet to present to the group "EXIT LIVE", because ... it is beautiful, really BEAUTIFUL ... ".

Tatiana Chernyshova

 It's so nice that the guys always come up with something new ... and I, as a musical gourmet, always taste it with pleasure, and it always makes me happy!

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