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Composer, music to order, songs to order

Композитор, музыка на заказ, песни н
Композитор, музыка на заказ, песни н
Композитор, музыка на заказ, песни н
Композитор, музыка на заказ, песни н
Композитор, музыка на заказ, песни н

Professional composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist Phil Ginsburg writes music in various styles, incl. Euro-pop, rock, neo-classical, Latin, jazz, etc. His songs are performed by Russian pop stars, including Grigory Leps, Polina Gagarina, Sergey Lazarev, Anita Tsoi, an art group directed by Mikhail Turetsky "SOPRANO Turetsky".

Phil's music sounds in films, on television, on Russian and Western radio stations, in various commercials.

1992-1996 - Studied at the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College, specializing in violin

1996-1997 - Studied at a jazz school, specializing in jazz violin (teachers are famous musicians of the DDT group Nikita Zaitsev and Mikhail Chernov)

1997 2001 - Studied at SPbGUKI as a head of a pop group, jazz violin (teacher of multi-musician of the group "Singing Guitars" Dmitry Kizhaev)

2001-2010 - member of the "Dances Minus" group (keyboards, violin, arrangements) .

Three-time winner of the "Golden Gramophone" award (2001, 2006, 2009)

2005 - Songwriter performed by Grigory Leps. The song "Blizzard" entered the best hits of the year.

2012 - Begins composer's career in cinema (short, documentary, feature films)

2013 - begins cooperation as a composer and arranger with the collective under the direction of Mikhail Turetsky "Sopranos 10"


2014 - laureate of the "XX Successful People of St. Petersburg" award in the "Music" nomination


2015 - co-owner of the TAKt internet magazine, author and host of the VIP- PERSONA column.

2017 - laureate of the international film festival "Fathers and Sons" in the nomination "Cinema Music" for the music for the short film "Zumi-Yumi"

2018 - Winner of the Grand Prix and the Audience Award  on  IX International Film Festival IISFF (USA) for the music for the film "Climb a Tree"

2018 - Medal "For Merit in Culture and Art" for the album of instrumental music "MARATHON" - masterpieces of world music

2020 - the owner of the diploma named after I. Rimma Kazakova with a built-in medal for the music for the album “Philophobia” .

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