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This project was born out of the talent, experience and knowledge of two adults. Composer Phil Ginzburg and performer and lyricist Mikhail Kirichenko.

Phil Ginzburg is a composer and multi-instrumentalist musician, winner of 3 Golden Gramophones, laureate of the XX Successful People of St. Petersburg award in the Music nomination. The general public knows his songs, in particular "Blizzard", which is performed by Grigory Leps. The music that Phil writes is so versatile that it will not leave anyone indifferent, every listener will find something for himself.

Mikhail Kirichenko is a professional journalist, TV presenter, translator and musician, laureate of the competition among guitarists, winner of the national hit parade and head of the press service of the international group of companies "SkyWay".

Phil and Mikhail put all their life experience into their works. Of course, who can tell even better about life, about unhappy and happy love, if not those who themselves have already lived all these feelings, rejoiced and upset, sad and flew up to the sky with happiness?

Why was the Italian language chosen, you ask?

The language of love is understandable to anyone who can feel, but for love songs, Italian is the most beautiful.

And, despite the fact that our songs sound in Italian, everyone understands them. Remember Al Bano and Romina Power, Celentano ...? Not knowing the language, we understood what they were singing about ...

Two songs of our project for the true  connoisseurs and loyal fans:

D'ora innanzi - mus. Phil Ginzburg, lir. M.Kirichenko
Il Burbero - mus.Phil Ginzburg, lir. Michael Kirichenko
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