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Biography of musicians

Phil Ginzburg
Composer, arranger, Sound Producer, vocals, e. violin, keyboards
2001 - 2010 - musician of the "Dances-Minus" group (keys, violin). As part of the group, a three-time winner of the "Golden Gramophone" award
2004 -2007 - took part in the creation of music for the movie series "Favorite".
2005 - for Grigory Leps wrote the songs "Blizzard", "Here", etc. (Album "Labyrinth")
The song "Blizzard" entered the best Russian hits of the year.
Since 2011, thin. leader, composer, arranger, violinist and vocalist of the group "Exit Live".
since 2013 has been collaborating with the ensemble under the direction of  Mikhail Turetsky "Soprano 10" as composer and arranger




Alexander Orlov


Professional musician. All my life is devoted to the guitar. For many years Alexander has been teaching a guitar class at a music school and collaborating with many recording studios.
It is his performance that is recognized as one of the best musicians of the group.  De Phazz , who invited Alexander to open their concerts.






Alexander Lozovich
In 2000 he formed his melodicdeath group called "Graaffias". Due to the outrageous appearance of the group and melodic sound, the group was popular and was a prize-winner of city rock festivals.
Since 2003, he began to actively study all the secrets of the bass guitar and in 2005 he came to St. Petersburg as a bass player.
For several years he played in different bands of different styles, made arrangements and helped with recordings as a session musician.
He worked in the funk-rock group "Fancolet"




Elena Kozak
Lena is from Vorkuta. In the same place, in 2001, she became one of the vocalists of the Vorkuta vocal and choreographic group "Renaissance". She took part in various vocal competitions of the KOMI republic. Then she moved to St. Petersburg, where the case brought her to the MUSIC-HALL theater, in which she worked as a vocalist in the musical “LOVE-NET” and a concert program called “GLAMOR HIT”.

Has extensive experience of performing with the cover band "Mister Hit".

With a completely unique vocals, Lena knows no boundaries of creativity! Jazz, rock, pop ... you can list it for a long time, it's better to hear it more than once!

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